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Our Legacy

Santa Clara Swim Club has one of the richest traditions in the history of amateur athletics. Swimmers such as Donna de Varona, Pablo Morales, Don Schollander, Mark Spitz and Chris von Saltza have trained and competed for Santa Clara. Swimmers from the club have earned 71 Olympic medals. 42 Gold, 18 Silver, and 11 Bronze Medals during its proud history.

However the brilliance of our legacy shines even brighter than and beyond a magnificent medal count. For every day, in the same lane, right beside each one of those superstars, were thousands of other swimmers who did not achieve Olympic glory. But what they did gain from their SCSC experience has indelibly shaped and defined their character with life skills that continue to serve them well every day. Champions in the water and champions in life; these are the achievements SCSC is celebrating today.

From the days of legendary coach George Haines to its current head coach John Bitter, Santa Clara has remained committed to developing winners in all walks of life. Discipline, sportsmanship, hard work, and team involvement are stressed throughout the program. Through the dedication of its swimmers, coaches, and parents, Santa Clara Swim Club carries on this grand tradition, and continues to positively impact the sport of swimming in the United States.

The club was founded in 1951 by George Haines. Starting with just 13 swimmers, the team initially practiced at Santa Clara High School and various other swimming holes, including the Stevens Creek Reservoir. Swimmers recall that the distance from the face of the dam to a specific tree was 500 yards, and they had to share the water with frogs and tadpoles. In 1966, the city of Santa Clara built the spectacular Santa Clara International Swim Center, the club's new home. Haines coached the club for 23 years, leaving Santa Clara in 1974. During this time, SCSC rose to unparalleled prominence, and was recognized around the world as the best swim club and the best coach in history. In his honor, the center was renamed the George F. Haines International Swim Center in June 2001.

The facility has a history as prestigious as the club itself and has hosted 39 Annual International Invitational Meets, which still draw top athletes from around the world. In competitions, 23 World records, 333 American records, and 64 Foreign National records have been set, including a World record set by Michael Phelps in 2004. The Swim Center has hosted Senior Nationals, Junior Nationals, Western Zone Championships, Far Western Championships, and Masters Nationals. Over the past fifty years, thousands of youngsters, teens, young adults and Masters swimmers have flourished at SCSC in their quest for excellence!


IM a part of the continued Coaching Legacy of the Santa Clara Swim Club…
SCSC past coaches and current head coach


Mitch Ivey assumed the Head Coach position at Santa Clara Swim Club in 1974 and led the club for five years. Mitch was uniquely qualified for the challenge. He was an Olympian under George Haines earning a silver medal in the 200 meter backstroke in 1968, and bronze medal in the same event in Munich, Germany in 1972. Mitch not only swam under George, but he grew up right next door to him. He knew first hand the rewards of mentoring youth for success. Under Mitch's leadership SCSC finished second in overall team standings at the Short Course Nationals in Cincinnati and at the Long Course Nationals in Kansas City. In 1976, he placed three swimmers on the Olympic team. Currently, Mitch and his wife live in Florida where they are raising their twin boys. Mitch continues to coach with passion the sport he loves, swimming!



Don King was at the helm of SCSC from 1980-1981. During his brief stint as head coach, SCSC placed an impressive 4th at the Senior Nationals in Clovis. A native of Santa Clara Valley, Don graduated from the first class of Sunnyvale High School and from Foothill College. He coached for De Anza Swim Club, Kona Kai, Green Meadow, and Santa Clara High School locally. Additionally he coached for the Industry Hills Swim Club in Southern California. After leaving SCSC in 1981, Don created the Mission City Swim Club, and then moved to Portland, Organ. He coached at Lewis and Clark for 13 years, and is currently coaching Kings Swimming of Lake Oswego. Don and his wife, Christine are very proud of there 23 years of marriage and their 18 year old son, Dustin.



Jay Fitzgerald was named head coach of SCSC in 1985. In his ten years with the club his goal to build and manage a successful swimming program to produce athletes that were competitive at all levels of swimming was realized. The SCSC was ranked in the top five at the USA Senior Nationals from 1989 to 1992, and took first place in 1992. In addition, Jay coached several swimmers to the Olympics between 1984 and 1996. Jay has had extensive international coaching experience and has contributed as a technical assistant for the Olympic Swimming coverage for NBC news. Jay and his wife have been married for 32, and the couple are proud parents of three sons. Jay is currently the Head Coach of a USA Club Team in Florida, where he continues to coach Olympic swimmers, and was recently been named Coach of the Year by the Miami Herald.


Dick Jochums; SCSC Head Coach, July 1995 to 2007 is a veteran coach who has been successful at all levels of swimming, and brings a wide range of professional and educational skills to our club. Dick has held coaching positions at University of Washington where he earned his B.A and M.S., University of California at Berkeley also his Ed.D degree earned there, and California State Hayward. During his tenure at Cal-State Hayward, he founded the Concord Swim Club (now known as the Terrapin Swim Club). Dick moved from Hayward to Long Beach State and then on to the University of Arizona in 1978. In his 20 year career in collegiate swimming, his teams had 12 top ten finishes. His club programs have won 5 national titles and were always in the top ten with 18 top five finishes. At SCSC, he returned our club to the title of National Champion with the 1996, 1997 and 1998 Summer Long Course Men's National Championship Titles. Dick has trained a number of Olympians and his swimmers have been awarded 12 Olympic medals, set 25 world records, 60 American records and 7 NCAA records. Equally important a great family record as well, Dick and his wife Mara of 40 years have one son, three daughters, and three grand sons. Dick acknowledges that swimmers are a unique breed and the sport provides an opportunity to learn about the value of oneself. He is proud to be a part of the swimming brotherhood, a sport that enables athletes to take a challenge of which they are never defeated. Dick stresses that "winning is much more than taking first place…it's a lesson that stays with a swimmer for life ~ Kids make coaches!"


John Bitter – Current Head Coach

Considered one of the nations leading young coaches, John joined SCSC in September, 1995. Formerly the head coach of the Las Vegas Gold Swim Team, John also spent one year as the head senior coach at Click Tucson. During these two stints, he produced 6 Senior National qualifiers, 11 Junior National qualifiers and 1 Canadian champion; with one Senior National Champion and one Junior National Champion. John has also worked as an assistant coach at the collegiate level at both the University of Arizona and at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. At the University of Arizona, he trained the 1989 NCAA champion in the 1650 freestyle. John has also served as a coach at two USS Zone Distance Camps and USS Select Camps. John has also served as a USA Swimming coach representative at World Cup meets in Europe in 1999 and 2002. John swam for Dick and was the men’s team captain his senior year at the University of Arizona. He has a B.A. in history from the University of Arizona.




George Hains

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